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Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression

What’s the difference? Simply put, we can describe anxiety as feeling scared about what is to come, as in the future, and depression as feeling bad about what has happened in the past. One is future and one is past based, both lead us to feel imbalanced in some way. Those feelings could contribute to a lack of motivation or to an excessive drive to push yourself too hard. If we are in balance with our internal universe, we are present, this is how therapy can help us.

At tidylodge, our quest is to help you make life magical. Let’s put this into perspective, feeling magical doesn’t mean living on cloud nine and avoiding our feelings, or pretending they don’t exist. It is actually the opposite of this. To feel that everyday living can truly be magical, let’s take a look at the magical world of Disney. 

It takes the courage of Merida from Brave; the humility of Simba to come back to his pride; the strength of Mulan to not let society get you down; the determination of Nemo, despite those bouts of memory loss; and the bravery of Belle in Beauty and the Beast to continue learning and to stand up for what is right. You have the power to transform your grief into growth everyday. Just like Cinderella, who never gives up, “no matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.” Ok, so life isn’t always a fairytale and at times wishes don’t come true, but what is real is the rate at which we rewire our brains to bounce back and regain mental and emotional balance, that is real and highly achievable. 

Do you ever feel as though you’re not good enough or do you tell yourself “I hate myself”? Do you feel like isolating yourself from the world, never speaking to anyone? Do you feel angry and sad, almost at the same time? If you feel any of these emotions, it is a possibility you could be suffering from depression. 

Do you ever feel as though you’re racing through life, burning the candle at both ends? Are you tense in your neck and shoulders, worried about the future or what might go wrong next? Is your heart racing or are you running through the day pushing your feelings away as much as possible? If you recognise any of these feelings or behaviours, it is a possibility you could be suffering from anxiety. 

I understand the stigma that comes with the labels of depression and anxiety, or being anxious or depressed, or even both. This is why I aim to help individuals improve the environmental, biological and circumstantial aspects of their lives, whilst offering support and care through the dark times. 

If you resonate with the information above, I am confident I can help, and invite you to contact me today for a discussion.