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AF-EMDR Sessions

AF-EMDR Sessions

Described as a quick fix solution for long-term problems. You can experience the benefits within 3-5 sessions. EMDR is great for targeting life events that have caused an impact on you emotionally, even long after the event has occurred. EMDR works well for phobias, fears and emotional trauma. This is the only therapy we know of that clears stress in the body within the quickest time frame and with the least disturbance. It is one of those experiences that you just have to try, to understand its profound impact on the psyche.

Like a magical wand being waved from head to toe, EMDR clears not only the mind, but also the body in regards to where the emotions sit. The process is so quick and so effective that it is literally one of the most mysterious and enchanting modalities for turning trials into transformation. It is deep work within a short space of time, with magic results.

Not only does tidylodge provide AF-EMDR, but we also work from an attachment-focused angle to give you the best quality and experience of therapy to meet your needs and goals for past, present and future. Whether you have experienced Big T or little t traumas, mild stress and anxiety, Attachment-Focused EMDR can free your mind and body from almost anything blocking your superpowers.

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