“Be a seeker of everyday magic”

~ Unknown ~

About Our Services

We provide you with internal and external motivational tools that will allow you to conquer yourself. We are all uniquely brilliant and we are all equal. Superiority and inferiority come from a place of fear that leaves us just feeling a little off some days. In a world with too much information, it can be hard to execute our goals and dreams, it can feel exhausting trying to keep our feet on the ground.

Our founder and CEO loves Alice in Wonderland and, if you didn’t know already, there is so much magic in this wonderful tale. An anxious rabbit who’s running late, a tea party with a Mad Hatter and a smiling cat who believes we are all mad. Tea is part of the theme and for centuries it has been practiced as a fine art and now is almost seen as a therapy in its own right. In Singapore, China, India, Britain and Japan we see tea as a major part of the culture. One of the many quirks of tidylodge is iTea, this is a short complimentary, no obligations session where you get to sit and have a cup of tea with one of our Magiccraftors, who will just chat with you and answer any questions you might have. This session is not a clinical intake, it’s not an arduous task or a note taking endeavour. Even if you feel shy, our kindhearted Magiccraftors can help guide you, it is a complimentary tea and light communication.

At tidylodge, we have a culture of like-minded individuals who have been there and got the t-shirt. They don’t just survive life’s challenges, but take every obstacle and create something miraculous, transforming their exhaustion into vigour, channeling their grief into passion, tackling anxiety with awareness, their fear with love, and sadness with emotional freedom. The way they do it is by creating magic in their lives and that is what we do at tidylodge, we support you in finding the magic in your lives and maintaining it.

You can take us at face value, we don’t offer cures, we don’t portray ourselves as having a quick fix or all the answers, but we do guarantee that after working with us, if you don’t already, you will start to appreciate the earth under your feet, the water on your face, the first breath you take in the morning, the screaming of children, the tweets of birds, the people who take out your trash everyday and even that person who pushed in front of you whilst you were trying to make a purchase.

Magic Dust

Areas We Work On:

  • Integrating life as a whole with hocus pocus planning to create “real magic”
  • Finding the magic, consistency and stability in interpersonal relationships
  • Personal growth and lifelong learning
  • Finding meaning in your career. Loving the work you do.
  • Magic Money: Stress less about money
  • Health, recreation, values, personal transitions, purpose, meaning, multiculturalism, third culture kid integration, contributions to others and life
  • Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being (our spiritual definition: Finding existential meaning)


What We Do:

  • We do expect YOU to be responsible for your own growth
  • We do help YOU learn valuable tools to negotiate with elves
  • We do pride ourselves in motivating our clients
  • We do help YOU create magic potions
  • We do have fun & believe that magic can happen, if you let it
  • We do provide YOU with tools to help you rewire your brain to thrive
  • We do an intake story, rather than an assessment
  • We do motivate YOU to gain a solid equilibrium
  • We do help YOU learn valuable tools to handle evil Queens & Wizards
  • We do use up to date scientifically evidenced based theories
  • We do use a sprinkling of magic dust with all our services
  • We do help YOU to climb magic beanstalks
  • We do guide your creativity
  • We do help YOU learn valuable tools to negotiate with other such villains
  • We do treatment planning, with an element of fun
  • We do help YOU to learn how to slay dragons
  • We do use proven evidenced based methods and add a magical flare
  • We do expect YOU to do the things required in and out of sessions to feel magical & succeed in all the areas you want to hone your crafts
  • We do help YOU to battle demons
  • We do help YOU learn “real Magic” and conquer dark sorcery
  • We continuously enhance our skills and update our learning to provide YOU with the best quality services


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