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We provide you with internal and external motivational tools that will allow you to conquer yourself. We are all uniquely brilliant and we are all equal. Superiority and inferiority come from a place of fear that leaves us just feeling a little off some days. In a world with too much information, it can be hard to execute our goals and dreams, it can feel exhausting trying to keep our feet on the ground.

At tidylodge, we have a culture of like-minded individuals who have been there and got the t-shirt. They don’t just survive life’s challenges, but take every obstacle and create something miraculous, transforming their exhaustion into vigour, channeling their grief into passion, tackling anxiety with awareness, their fear with love, and sadness with emotional freedom. The way they do it is by creating magic in their lives and that is what we do at tidylodge, we support you in finding the magic in your lives and maintaining it.

You can take us at face value, we don’t offer cures, we don’t portray ourselves as having a quick fix or all the answers, but we do guarantee that after working with us, if you don’t already, you will start to appreciate the earth under your feet, the water on your face, the first breath you take in the morning, the screaming of children, the tweets of birds, the people who take out your trash everyday and even that person who pushed in front of you whilst you were trying to make a purchase.







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