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One evening before Christmas, on my husband’s birthday and the anniversary of my Father’s diagnosis, we all sat down to have dinner before my mother went to see my brother in Perth, Australia. We had all spent the past five months grieving the death of my Father and my Grandfather, who died within days of each other. My Mum had found this book that looked so old the pages were turning a yellowy brown hue, it had a letter with it, it was a letter my mother had written my father stating that if she had An hour to live, An hour to love, this is what she would say. We all sat around the table and took turns reading the book whilst sobbing, then we read the letter, feeling a little moment of relief that Mum had taken the time to tell Dad what she would say to him if she knew she only had one hour left with him.

I learnt a lot that evening from that exercise which was melancholically cathartic and almost magical in the shared love and emotions. I learnt the importance of giving and showing love in everything we do, in every moment we can, with every fibre of our being. I am an avid believer in the law of attraction and if you asked me my way of life I would say to be love in every essence of the word. With everything we encounter in life it is not always easy to have our love hats on, that is why heightened awareness is ever so crucial. Like a marriage and a relationship, to hone the skill is to nurture it daily, water it like our beautiful Christmas Poinsettia in the living room.

This reading and this display of love and affection between my mother and father was the catalyst for my continued quest to be love, to show more love and to truly understand the meaning of love. Often my husband has spoken of how he does not believe in anger in a relationship, and as much as I would love to believe this too, I had doubts at the time that how can two people be under one roof and not get angry at each other at some point. His love alone has shown me the importance of acceptance, forgiveness and the significance of the relationships we have with the people we love. I believe that with a lot of effort in communication and the law of attraction, love can actually envelop us in every area of our lives until its presence feels like a magical force. After all, that is what love is, energy, a magical, mystical, scientific force of nature that we can all harness. I don’t mean it in some wishy-washy sense, I just mean that love really is the secret of life, and with a little practice, it can follow us even in the darkest of times.

What losing my Father, this letter and this book taught me, is that our live’s are so precious, that in the blink of an eye, everything can change and that we are not immune to hardship. You talk of these things happening to others, they never happen to my family, but that is just not true, we are not immune. When my father passed away, I grieved hard; I felt every feeling there was to feel. I thought my heart would explode and my lungs would give way from the pain and grief of losing the only man who had ever stuck by me my whole life from start to finish, the one man who stuck up for me at every chance, who made me feel I could conquer the world. The one man, who, despite all my efforts to rebel against life, was there around every corner to pick up all the broken pieces. The sacrifices that man made for me are just insurmountable. I literally owe him my life. If only he had one more hour to live and I had one more hour to love!

First, let’s start by defining magic: Magic can be defined as finding something wonderful in everyday life, despite challenges. It can be described as a power of sorts that influences events by using universal forces internally and externally. Einstein once said “everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Here at tidylodge we deliver products and services that are aimed to inspire, flare creativity and excite our clients. We blend our spiritual and scientific practices to create a world of wonder that leaves our clients with a sense of awe and excitement. We define spirituality simply as the search for meaning and purpose in life.

There are three components that make up a magic trick and there are three ingredients to “Real Magic”, they are; Transforming Our Energy, Psychological Programming, Intervention of Human and/or Spiritual Beings. When all three are used together with a sprinkling of belief, they create Magic in our lives. Prayer is also a form of magic, as is meditation, manifesting, gratitude and setting intentions for the day. We have heard in ancient texts that man has lived hundreds of years, defied giants, exhibited feats of strength almost inhuman and turned water into wine. We know that there is transformative power in fairytales for adults as well as children. Magic is everywhere, whether you are an atheist, or religious, a freethinker, spiritual or a mixture.

Electrons in atoms and molecules can make transitions in energy levels by emitting or absorbing a photon whose energy must be exactly equal to the energy difference between the two levels. Since atoms make up everything, everything is energy and therefore can be transformed. To raise the energy or vibrations in human beings we do actually have the power of words, thought, body language and emotions to change the way we feel. In the wise words of Mr Sigmund Freud, “Words and magic were in the beginning one and the same thing, and even today words retain much of their magical powers.” It is often said in certain circles the quote, ‘you do not have the power to make someone feel something’. Unfortunately and fortunately, however you choose to look at it, this is not entirely true as Don Miguel describes in the chapter Be Impeccable with your Word from The Four Agreements: “Through the word you express your creative power. It is through the word that you manifest everything. Regardless of what language you speak, your intent manifests through the word. What you dream, what you feel and what you really are, will all be manifested through the word… The word is the most powerful tool you have as a human; it is the tool of magic. But like a sword with two edges, your word can create the most beautiful dream, or your word can destroy everything around you.”

We know that the word has ultimate power to destroy, as we have seen it used for evil by ‘you know who’ during the first and second world war. Yet it has been used for good, love and all things magical by Mother Theresa and Mahatma Gandhi to name but a few. However, we also have the power to dispose of poisonous words by attempting not to take them personally, this is next level mind control though. In our programmes at tidylodge we look at this area amongst others to aid you in your quest to make life magical.

You may have heard in various circles of influence that magic is evil or the work of some negative entity. However, we shall dispel that myth now, like anything, used in the wrong hands or out of context, it can be detrimental. Take the narcissist who uses psychology to manipulate the masses, or the religious fanatic who tells people they will go to hell or believes in violence and sacrifice as an act of God. Einstein believed in both the concept of God and theories of Science.

At tidylodge we believe in the magic definition mentioned earlier which is about light and goodness and the Magic Model. Which is, if all three components are used in conjunction with a person’s beliefs and in positive harmony; then we can infect ourselves and the world at large with love, compassion and kindness. That is what “real magic” is all about. So, if we combine our logical mind and our wise mind, a little DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) trick, we can see that creating magic in our everyday lives is not only logical and wise, but a magnificent addition to integrating our lives as a whole. Thus, seeing the mystery and wonder in our everyday lives. It is extremely uplifting too, to feel that spark of magic.

tidylodge Magic Model for “real magic” is as follows:

  1. Transform, Raise & Direct Energy & Vibrational Frequencies (how to change and redirect your energy through thoughts, words, feelings and senses)
  2. Psychological Programming, theories, evidenced based orientations (the scientifically evidenced based theories we utilise to create “real magic” in people’s lives)
  3. Intervention of Magiccraftee themselves, Magiccrafter, Spiritual & Other Beings (the client, therapist-coach and support network harnessed as part of the transformative element)

We believe in partnering with you to create a Magical world where we each find blessings in our everyday lives, despite challenges. When you feel your spark has gone in any area of your life, remember the Magic Model and utilise it to harness the power in that area of your life. Magic is real for us and it can be for you too. Make positive use of the tools at tidylodge, engage the people in your life and mercifully utilise the energy of the universe to create your everyday Magic.

Make Life Magical!

At tidylodge we help you to create “real Magic” in your everyday life, finding magic in the day-to-day tasks, despite trials and tribulations. We utilise evidenced based theories with our creative brand of programmes that enable us to take you on a journey for the cup of life. For some it may be hard to contemplate magic in our everyday lives, when the little nuances of life might feel as though they are blocking us from our powers. Yes, that’s right, our powers, we actually do have some innate abilities that if we learn how to tap into them can make life magical. Some people call these supernatural, others call it God and many call it science, harnessing areas of the brain that need a little exercise. Now the theory that we only use 10% of our brain is not actually true, it was debunked in a study in frontiers in Human Neuroscience. We can actually access different components of the brain at different times, depending on the level of activity, which means the brain can function at various percentages.

We all have some magical abilities and after all, magical just means that it is hard to explain or that it is captivating and enchanting. We agree with Dr Seuss, we “like nonsense, it wakes up the braincells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in life.” NLP and Hypnotism have close links and are effective modalities for treating clients with years of research on human consciousness. Some theorists claim they can cure a phobia in one session and the evidence is there. We all have extrasensory perception and intuition, both of which are correlated. We can feel when something is right or wrong long before we physically know it. Our sixth sense is evidence of “real magic”, married people will relate to this one well, being able to feel your partners emotions, sense when they are coming home are all examples of this.

As described in Psychology Today, these are some examples of the innate powers we do have. Therapy and coaching can unblock subconscious barriers that have been collected through conditioning and loss of identity over time and lead way to utilising the mind to a fuller capacity, creating a sense of nothing short of “real magic”. Now, we may not subscribe to the idea of literal mind reading per se, but psychology tells us that there are inborn abilities within us all to intuitively understand what someone is thinking or feeling by witnessing their eyes. Women are apparently more adept at this than men, a study found that this particular magic is routed in genetics.

“I do believe in an everyday sort of magic — the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity; the whispered voice, the hidden presence, when we think we’re alone!”

– Chris De Lint –

Meditation has proven to have profound affects on brain health, it is needed to control emotions, as is the air we breath to control our oxygen intake, studies show it improves function and work performance if practiced consistently. A man once asked Buddha “what have you gained from meditation?” He replied: “Nothing. However, let me tell you what I lost: anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death.” The brain needs time to recuperate, as with the body when it is exercised, the muscles need respite to heal. The brain may not be a muscle like the heart, although it is known to behave as a muscle, and so when exercised, requires time to rest and regenerate neurons. Although the brain does get rest whilst we are sleeping, meditation is a different kind of recuperation that is crucial to the brain in order to utilise its potential, as it is in a higher state of consciousness due to us being awake. It is a state whereby one can control the mind, which in itself is a magical power. In a hundred years or so, humans will be looking back in history with disbelief that not all people practiced daytime mental rest, as they practiced nutrition and exercise. This is one example of how “real magic” can be accessed in our day-to-day lives. Meditation is spiritual, it is religious and it is scientific, it is your choice what it means to you.

At tidylodge, we believe in the Law of Attraction, during the major research phases for tidylodge, we stumbled across Wayne Dyers book, Real Magic: Creating Miracles in Everyday Life. It was incredible because it was describing the premise of tidylodge. We genuinely believe we attracted that book into our line of research, because Wayne, with a little assistance from Houdini, has created the perfect definition of “real Magic” that fits our ethos:

“According to the illustrious magician Harry Houdini, magic is achieved through illusion. A simple example is an illusion created by using smoke and mirrors. The illusion is called magic simply because it appears to be unexplainable. Late in his career, though, Houdini alluded to something that he had experienced which he called “real magic.” He apparently had acquired the ability to produce results that were in fact unexplainable. These magical results could not be accounted for even as the product of illusion… You, like most people, are probably convinced that if something is real it cannot be magic, and if it is magic it cannot be real. However, it is my belief that when we get caught in this paradox we are inhibited from experiencing our magical dimensions. I believe that we experience real magic when we transcend the paradox and that the transcendent view encompasses the experience of real magic as indeed very real, and also magical.” Make life magical!


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