Our Terms of Magical Services

Kellyjo Coney-Khan is the Founder and CEO of tidylodge Pte. Ltd. and a Level IV Practitioner of the Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors Singapore (APACS) and is a member of the Singapore Association of Counsellors (SAC) and Families in Global Transition (FIGT). Kellyjo is on the board as an advisor and consultant to the UK based psychology business Flexmind. She is an accredited practitioner and subscribes to the SAC code of ethics.

General Terms for Sessions, Packages, Programmes and Plans

Once you request information, we will send you a proposal based on the services you have shown interest towards. Once you accept the agreed quotation, we send you the agreement and/or contract for signing (please refer to refund and cancellation policy below), once returned, we will send you the booking details. Your payment represents all services listed in the agreement and/or contract that you sign.

Therapeutic and/or Coaching Agreement Policy

Our therapy and/or coaching agreement is intended to provide clients with important information regarding our professional services and business policies. A consent form will provide a clear framework for our work together and will facilitate our therapeutic-coaching relationship. Any questions or concerns regarding the contents of this agreement should be discussed with your therapist and/or coach.

Refund Policy

For a single session, if you are unable to attend an appointment due to an emergency, illness or unforeseen circumstance please let us know as soon as possible. It is the request of the therapist that you provide at least 24 hours advanced notice when and if you are able.

The required notice for cancellation of one of our Magical Therapy Prepaid Plans is one week. For our individual sessions, packages  ranging from 3-5 sessions, and programmes, 24 hours notice is requested for cancellation or rescheduling of a session. Where there is less notice, full fees shall be incurred. Payments are to be made either on the first session date or in advance. Due to the generous discounts on our packages and programmes there is no refund.

We discount our sessions, packages, programmes and plans because we want to offer mental health treatment to as many people as possible. If you cannot afford our fees, do contact us in case an arrangement can be made based on your circumstances. At tidylodge, we believe we are more than fair and reasonable, if you have genuine reasons, we will do our best to come to a mutual agreement with you on our refund, cancellation and fees policy.


Confidentiality is one of the most crucial ingredients of the therapeutic relationship and is what makes the relationship so unique. A person who attends therapy or coaching might have had their trust breached in other human interactions, or they might even lack a sense of safety or feel their basic human needs and rights are not met, therefore, confidentiality is valued as a priority.

At tidylodge client records are held securely to ensure that a person’s information is safely stored. All of a person’s details are kept in order to allow for effective treatment as psychotherapists are considered healthcare professionals and a person’s records are imperative to holistically aiding their healing process.

Limits to Confidentiality

All information is kept confidential unless both the person and the therapist and/or coach agree on discussing any information with a third party source, prior to this, a consent form shall be provided and used.

What you discuss during your magical therapy session is kept confidential between therapist and supervisor for the soul purpose of quality training. No contents of the therapy sessions, whether verbal or written may be shared without your consent.

Duty to Warn and Protect

If you disclose a plan to threat or harm yourself or another person, the therapist and/or Coach is required to warn the possible victim and notify legal authorities.

If you disclose, or it is suspected, that there is abuse or harmful neglect of children or vulnerable adults, the therapist and/or Coach must report this to their supervisor and the appropriate state agency and/or legal authorities.

Limits of Services and Assumption of Risks

Magical sessions carry both benefits and risks. These sessions can significantly reduce the amount of distress someone is feeling, improve relationships, and/or solve other areas of a person’s life. However, these improvements and any “cures” cannot be guaranteed for any condition due to the many variables that effect these sessions. Experiencing uncomfortable feelings, discussing situations and/or aspects of your life are considered risks of any kind of therapy and coaching sessions.

Referral Policy

Referrals are based on the discretion of the therapist and/or coach during the initial three sessions and whether the therapist believes you might need another type of therapy or coaching based on the information received. In most instances it will be the choice of the client / customer if they are comfortable in proceeding with the Motivational Therapist.

Definitions and Terminology

Magic can be defined as finding something wonderful in everyday life, despite challenges. It can be described as a power of sorts that influences events by using universal forces internally and externally. The excitement of synchronicity and unplanned meaningful circumstances that lead to those happenstance opportunities. Here at tidylodge we deliver products and services that are aimed to inspire, flare creativity and excite our clients. We blend psychological theories with magic as the overriding theme to create a world of wonder that leaves our clients with a sense of awe and excitement.

Magical Therapy can be defined as the willingness to achieve goals and despite potential challenges find ways of navigating through them in a solution oriented manner. It is helping the client to utilise their internal and external resources as a therapist and coach. Magical Therapy is very powerful in how it aims to create an environment for the client that enables them to feel they have the ability to achieve their goals, live their life, enhance strengths with increased grit and resilience, this process can feel truly magical for both the Person and Therapist and/or Coach.

Our Face-to-Face Approach

Conducted in a safe, homely and magical environment, our face-to-face experience based in Singapore allows you to experience the magic first hand and in person. Building a rapport with a Magical Therapist and watching with wonder your own transformation is nothing short of real magic.

Online Therapy and Coaching

Online video therapy is considered just as reliable as in person therapy and new research suggests. 4.83 Million Singaporean’s are now online. Singapore healthcare is going digital says gov.sg as they find more innovative ways to manage healthcare. Plus, the added ease of comfort getting help from home minus the travel time.

Why Magical Therapy

Uniquely designed evidenced based theories are integrated into our programmes that have been developed with the top research in the mental health field. You get all the scientific methods, without the clinical edge. Magical Therapy is about feeling with the person, it’s about getting your power back and is a truly enchanting experience for the person who is treated.

Associate Practitioners

All our associates who are under the tidylodge umbrella will have their own terms and conditions as well as those described here. It is important to understand expectations with any individual when entering such a relationship.

Each therapist and coach is responsible for his or her own insurance, supervision and membership organisations. It is therefore strongly advised that if you share any concerns about your healthcare provider you consult either the tidylodge team or an alternative healthcare provider for advice on your healthcare requirements.

Copyright Information

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Mental health is complex; we understand more and more the depths of the human mind and how it medically connects to the rest of the body. At tidylodge we put in over 100% effort to help our clients with their growth, healing and overall sense of wellbeing. We believe that mental health mentorship is something everyone could benefit from at some point in their life in order to learn valuable skills and tools to become their own healer and confidant. There are many modalities and treatments; all our therapists have a unique approach to treatment, yet all are inline with the ethos of tidylodge.

Although we are confident in our skills, training and thoroughly believe we can help people to succeed in all areas of their lives, it does require that the person themselves want and desire growth, are willing to move forward, and make commitments to their goals both in and out of sessions.

Our Anti-Discrimination Policy

At tidylodge we are utterly committed to our anti-discrimination policy. We pride ourselves in our multi-national collaborative stance. We value the differences and diversity of everyone person we work with, regardless of age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs, race, relationship status, heritage or background. Acceptance and love is our overall agenda and motive. If we can help you, we will!

Our Ethos: Make life magical

We believe in bringing the fun and magic into all areas of your life, using our secret recipe. With a specialised blend of scientifically proven theories, a splash of transformation, a sprinkling of joy and a motivational topping. Creating a sense of mystery and creativity for those who cross our path. We will guide you to create a life you desire, tidylodge is about captivation, character and creativity.

Our primary purpose is to create a magical online and offline environment, and help other people find the magic in their lives via online video assessment, face-to-face and online therapy and coaching, screening, treatment planning, support, aftercare, courses and programmes, tailored to each person’s needs.

Bridging the gap between therapy and coaching, whilst providing an enchanted realm for anyone wanting to create or maintain magic in their lives. Ever feel like you’ve lost your magic touch? Or maybe you haven’t, but would like to find new and creative ways of bringing more “real magic” into your life. Perhaps you have gone through something and are looking for some direction, or you may just love the idea of everything magical. If any of this resonates with you, you have attracted tidylodge into your life for magical reasons known only to you. Psychotherapy and Coaching allows for better solutioning and techniques customised to the individual.

There is nothing like this in the world!

Professional Orientation

We provide online and face-to-face therapy for those who seek an improved mental wellbeing or a direction in life and work. We also provide couples therapy and family therapy. At tidylodge, we pride ourselves in motivating the client towards their goals and the solutions they would like to achieve. We believe in treating the person as a whole in all areas of their life.

We work on confidence and esteem building, strength-based, self-development, mentoring, skills enhancement and cultivating self-motivation strategies. Specifically, our methods utilise what we feel are the best bits from a multitude of theories, which are Narrative Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing, Choice Theory and Person Centred Therapy. Please speak directly with your therapist and/or coach if you would like to understand more on their individual skills, training and certifications.

Your Rights

You have the right to ask questions about any procedures, techniques and strategies used during your sessions; if you wish, I will explain my approach and methods to you.

You have the right to decide not to receive magical motivational therapeutic assistance from me if you wish. I can and will provide you with the names of other qualified professionals whose services you might prefer.

You have the right to end therapy at any time without any moral, legal, or financial obligations other than those already accrued or paid for. I ask you contact me via phone call or WhatsApp chat before you make such a decision without prior discussion.

You have the right to expect that I will maintain professional and ethical boundaries by not entering into other personal, financial, or professional relationships with you, all of which would greatly compromise our work together.

Magical Therapy involves a partnership between therapist and client. As your therapist, I will contribute knowledge, techniques, strategies and a willingness to do my best.

Mental health is the best investment we can gift ourselves with – tidylodge CEO


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