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Your Intake Story

Your Intake Story

At tidylodge it is important for our magical therapist to understand your story and piece all the parts together. What is so wonderful is that it is absolutely confidential and only our head therapist will know about your innermost secrets that you might feel are clouding your internal powers that lead you to achieve greater things in life.

Maybe your head is foggy, or information feels decompartmentalised, or you need some direction, clarity, guidance or just a little help unscrambling your thoughts. Sometimes it helps just having that confidential person to talk to, who will listen wholeheartedly and probably even understand what you are going through. The intake story will help gather all the information so that the therapist can work her magic.

Try to come to your intake story with an open mind and an idea about your issue. If you don't have an idea, that's ok, we will work it out together. You always have the right to ask questions, to learn about and understand any approach or tools that might be used during your sessions.

The first assessment or consultation can sound a little daunting at first, that's why we call it, Your Intake Story, because that is exactly what it's about really, your story, understanding what you need from your healing journey. It may be based on identity, a recent life transition, a past event that left you with dis-ease, a time in your life where you just feel stuck or maybe it's the state of the world leaving you in disarray. You are not alone and you are certainly not abnormal.